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Application Modernization

Changing business conditions and needs require constant vigilance in adapting your information systems to keep pace. Modernization of applications to newer technologies can give your business a leading edge while preserving your original business objectives, model and investment. The challenge is to find a partner with the know-how and skills to develop an effective application modernization strategy and execute it flawlessly.

AINS understands old and new technologies as well as the industry and business-specific drivers our clients face. Our experts work closely with clients to recommend the optimal technologies that will drive their business towards success and provide a clear roadmap for seamless modernization.

Benefits of Modernization Services from AINS

AINS offers application modernization services designed to deliver the results our clients expect. Benefits of our services include the following:

  • Seamless modernization with minimal business disruption
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced IT complexity
  • Overall cost reduction
  • Enhanced system stability, performance and adaptability
  • Increased security

Features of Modernization Services from AINS

Our comprehensive application modernization services cover all aspects of the modernization lifecycle—from planning and implementation to testing and support. Key features of our services include:


  • Full-scope services, including Java, .NET, Oracle and database modernization
  • Clear, detailed modernization roadmap based on in-depth strategic assessment
  • Client partnership to ensure high quality and service excellence
  • Best-in-class modernization processes and tools
  • Modernization experts highly experienced in managing large-scale modernization initiatives
  • On-time, on-budget delivery