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eCase: One Platform, Many Applications.

eCase is a dynamic case management platform that can provide workflow-driven information management, tracking and reporting around a wide range of business process verticals. eCase helps organizations manage their business information efficiently and automate workflow processes, gaining a valuable competitive advantage.  With eCase, agencies can replace ad hoc workflow and business process management (BPM) applications under a single unified platform to streamline IT architecture, while decreasing Operations & Maintenance (O&M) costs and time to upgrade multiple applications. Read on to see why eCase case management software is right for your business.

eCase Features

  • Tab-based user-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  • Predefined, parallel, contingent and ad hoc workflows and subworkflows tailored to your organization’s business process needs. 
  • Decision-based branching for supervisory approval/rejection cycles.
  • Security control with access authorization using role based permissions and privileges
  • Ability to capture supporting documentation and attach it to case folders from document repositories (ex: SharePoint), local disk, scanning as well as via templates.
  • Integrated forms and check-in/check-out version control.
  • Correspondence templates with auto population to reduce duplication of effort.  
  • Complete action log with robust auditing and tracking capabilities.
  • Comprehensive reporting capability including canned, custom and scheduled reports.
  • FedRAMP Saas and PaaS Certified.

Track and Report Critical Business Correspondence

eCase comes standard with the eCase- Correspondence module, a robust application for capturing, storing, retrieving, processing, tracking, and reporting correspondence action items. eCase leverages best-of-breed content management disciplines (such as SharePoint, Documentum, Open Text, Oracle Content DB, etc.) to provide enterprise-wide tracking and reporting of critical business communications. The case management system breaks information into case types and then automates the workflow of these case types as they move along the critical action path of your organization.


eCase Audit spans the complete audit lifecycle: from audit planning, audit performance, and audit follow-up to recommendation tracking and reporting. The eCase Audit solution provides capabilities to track the workflow of audit events, artifacts, reports, recommendations and corrective actions. It provides fully repeatable processes along with records management for required evidentiary audit documents. Official notifications are supported throughout the whole process. Rather than tying your organization down to a pre-defined business process or model, eCase provides both the fluidity to handle change as well as the scalability and customization to handle multiple applications at once.  Use the eCase platform to align your IT with your business operations and not the other way around.

Monitor Vital Operations

eCase provides a foundational set of powerful case management functionality such as electronic forms processing, integrated email capability, document templates with merge fields, task management and deadline alerts,  and robust reporting capability. This built-in functionality  is combined with the configuration of unique business process workflow and terminology to create tailored case management applications for HR processes.

eCase HR is now avaialble on the National Finance Center BPA for Non-Core HR Solutions. Learn more >>

Hosted Solution

AINS offers eCase as a hosted solution.  The hosted option allows additional savings in hardware and support by alleviating the need for servers/upgrades/hardware and maintenance.   Furthermore, a hosted solution allows for faster and simpler implementation, saving time and money as well as providing a quick and easy way to facilitate your migration to the cloud. To learn more about a hosted eCase solution, please contact us

To learn more about eCase case management software, read our brochures on eCase Platform, eCase Audit, eCase Investigations for OIGeCase HR, or eCase Correspondence.